We’re go-getter language learners itching to speak

After years of language learning, we shared the same frustration; lack of fluency.

We could understand some books, some podcasts and some grammar but we still lacked confidence when speaking. We were held back by fear of not understanding, of being misunderstood or of just looking stupid.

Language learners need to build confidence to communicate with real people. And this confidence needs to be nurtured from the very start. When we realised we had been missing this from our own learning, we decided we didn’t want to hold back anymore. So we created golingo.

golingo is unique and brilliant because:

Our Success-Oriented Learning Approach builds confidence from the start. It’s impossible to learn a language if you aren’t taught what it should sound like.

Our Artificial Intelligence is embedded, but it’s used at just the right time; when you’re ready for it, the generative AI gives you a real-world simulation to try.

Our content is deep, broad and always useful. You’ll navigate through our village, Pollywood, learning exactly the phrases you’ll use in real-life.

Our content is always evolving thanks to our Creator community. The best in the world teaching the rest of the world.

We want to help the world learn, better. Our vision is to bring personalised learning that reflects the real world.

Tim Sharpe
An entrepreneur with a passion for learning French and a knack for finding new ways to solve problems
Chris Tiernan
A serial language learner that has tried pretty much every method out there to learn a new language
Sarah Manson
An educator and expert on special learning needs and a strong advocate for EdTech in schools
Jonathan Jones
A tech pro with a track record in startups and big companies for building smart ways of doing things