Our fresh, new lesson design has been released! ✅ Easier to use  Our sleek redesign is more intuitive. Navigating through lessons will become second nature so you can focus even more on speaking. ✅ Faster performance  We've improved performance and cut out unnecessary steps. You'll speed through lessons and build speaking confidence even faster! ✅ More fun  Polly's on hand with lots of positive messages to keep you motivated. Think of Polly has your personal learning assistant - your best friend in Pollywood! Now there's no excuse to not build speaking confidence in a new language! Make sure you have the latest version… Read more
Happy HELLO-ween, HOLA-ween or HALLO-ween!  A dark, mysterious hue has descended over our normally sunny, language learning town, Pollywood. 😱 Watch the map transform from golingo to goulingo at 5pm each day between now and Halloween.  Catch glimpses of it as you move between lessons in different locations. Or take it all in by switching to Explore mode in your learning hub. Can you find all 15 pumpkins hidden around Pollywood? Looking for something a bit different? Why not try our Spooktacular pack complete with Halloween traditions and bad jokes in your target language to get you in the mood. Available in the travel and leisure section of… Read more
If you’re a Welsh language learner you will have seen the news Duolingo are sunsetting their Welsh course. They will no longer maintain or edit the syllabus. A group of volunteers wrote the course and maintained it from its launch in January 2016 until the volunteer programme ended in 2021. Creators / volunteers are so important – they look after things that are important to them.  Since then, the National Centre for Learning Welsh took over the responsibility for developing and maintaining the syllabus when its partnership with Duolingo was announced. Welsh on Duo became a huge success during lockdown… Read more
Last night, our team celebrated being listed as a Tech Company to Watch 2023 🏆. The award acknowledges the achievements of fresh, emerging tech start ups. The event was held in front of a sold out audience in central Manchester and brought together tech leaders and investors from across the region. We had a lot of fun chatting to so many people from different backgrounds doing amazing things. We're proud to be part of a growing and vibrant tech community in the North and to be recognised alongside other amazing tech start ups. Congrats to all the other companies featured… Read more
We've introduced booster packs available in app to give you a fast pass to the content you need to personalise your learning.  Speaking exam? Job interview? Weekend away? Or perhaps you want to impress friends with new idioms and colloquialisms. We have a pack for all these and much more. New packs are continuously added! An aviation pack is currently in test! 🛩   Are you an educator or teacher with an idea for a pack? Are you looking to create conversations for your own students to use on golingo? We're building a Creators Suite for you to do this. Get… Read more
You will have seen that we've launched our learning booster Packs. If you have the app installed you can find them here. Here are some answers to the most common questions we're asked. What is a "Pack" ? A "Pack" is a must have for anyone looking for Personalised learning or to fast-track their learning. It's written by language experts from different fields and is designed to teach you the content relevant to the specific scenario you need. Are they free? Packs are charged at a very low one off cost for lifetime access.Each Pack is priced appropriately and competitively.If… Read more
As many of you will know golingo was originally a web application. If you’re one of the few remaining users of the web application, thank you. Your help was critical in getting golingo off the launch pad. Since golingo's mobile applications (iOS and Android) became available in May, they've become massively popular with nearly 500,000 downloads. This is a phenomenal success, far exceeding our forecast. This success is partly because the mobile applications are responsive, accurate and get users fluent faster. Mobile applications have technical advantages over web applications using browsers like Chrome or Safari. We want everyone to have… Read more
You may have heard a lot about Artificial Intelligence recently. A lot of media coverage followed the public beta of ChatGPT, while every large IT company rushed to unveil their latest technology or use case for AI. golingo is all about speaking - learning through conversation. We're really excited to be sharing how we're using AI to make conversations more realistic and useful to you. golingo uses AI in two ways. "Scaffolded" conversations will give you an objective, e.g., buying train tickets requires a number of tickets, destination, type of ticket and financial transaction. "Open" conversations will give you a… Read more
Your content. Your platform. We’re excited to announce we’re opening up golingo. Add your own content and use golingo for your own learning communities. Access our creator suite and input your own conversations and lessons. Invite people in to access your content. Keep it private or open it up to the world. Let golingo allow your community to access your content whenever, wherever. Who’s it for? Absolutely anyone! Perhaps you’re… A language teacher wanting to create your own conversations for your students to practice outside the classroom. Passionate about a language and want to share it with the world, from… Read more
Golingo use has massively accelerated with hundreds of thousands of users around the world downloading and using the Android/iOS/web apps. Every one of you has your own personality, interests, values and aspirations. You need your own learning journey. Packs are how we'll deliver this. Our core learning journey is still the best way to learn a new language. It will get you to language competency and fluency. Other apps will not. You can add Packs to your learning journey through your Learning Hub. Simply go to Learning Hub and the app will guide you from there. The first packs will… Read more