As many of you will know golingo was originally a web application. If you’re one of the few remaining users of the web application, thank you. Your help was critical in getting golingo off the launch pad. Since golingo's mobile applications (iOS and Android) became available in May, they've become massively popular with nearly 500,000 downloads. This is a phenomenal success, far exceeding our forecast. This success is partly because the mobile applications are responsive, accurate and get users fluent faster. Mobile applications have technical advantages over web applications using browsers like Chrome or Safari. We want everyone to have… Read more
You may have heard a lot about Artificial Intelligence recently. A lot of media coverage followed the public beta of ChatGPT, while every large IT company rushed to unveil their latest technology or use case for AI. golingo is all about speaking - learning through conversation. We're really excited to be sharing how we're using AI to make conversations more realistic and useful to you. golingo uses AI in two ways. "Scaffolded" conversations will give you an objective, e.g., buying train tickets requires a number of tickets, destination, type of ticket and financial transaction. "Open" conversations will give you a… Read more
Your content. Your platform. We’re excited to announce we’re opening up golingo. Add your own content and use golingo for your own learning communities. Access our creator suite and input your own conversations and lessons. Invite people in to access your content. Keep it private or open it up to the world. Let golingo allow your community to access your content whenever, wherever. Who’s it for? Absolutely anyone! Perhaps you’re… A language teacher wanting to create your own conversations for your students to practice outside the classroom. Passionate about a language and want to share it with the world, from… Read more
Golingo use has massively accelerated with hundreds of thousands of users around the world downloading and using the Android/iOS/web apps. Every one of you has your own personality, interests, values and aspirations. You need your own learning journey. Packs are how we'll deliver this. Our core learning journey is still the best way to learn a new language. It will get you to language competency and fluency. Other apps will not. You can add Packs to your learning journey through your Learning Hub. Simply go to Learning Hub and the app will guide you from there. The first packs will… Read more
There’s an exciting movement to get 1 million people speaking Welsh by 2050. With the recent announcement to reflect this target in law, there was a flurry of interest in golingo in Welsh media. S4C, the Welsh language TV channel, ran an article highlighting how golingo can boost speaking confidence for Welsh learners. It featured an interview with me in Welsh! Read it here. A few days later, Walesonline, one of Wales’ foremost online news channels reported how golingo allows you to practise useful Welsh phrases for communicating in the real world. Aptly titled “Virtual pubs and restaurants helping people… Read more
One of the really special things about golingo is that every conversation has a context, just like real life. You learn best this way. And you learn things that you can use every day. Our apps (iOS, Android and web browser) are great for learning and we wanted to make them even more realistic and more useful every day. We've been building an immersive, 3D world, built using world class gaming tech. It's like a safe simulation for you to practice in. We modelled it on one of our favourite places and one of the prettiest village in the Haute… Read more
Hi golingoers everywhere! Great news this week as our iOS and Android apps are in the stores ready for you to use. Here are some links: Don't worry, all of your learning progress so far will be right there in the apps. It would be great if you could download them & give us a super five star review; golingo is still FREE. We'd like to thank you, our users, for your support so far. Your feedback drives us. The apps introduce: Revisions to Lesson 1 & 2 to help you learn important sentence patterns easilyMore learning - the apps… Read more
Have you set yourself the goal of ‘learning a language’ this year? Or are you thinking about it? Well, you’re in great company. Most people in the world are bilingual, so language learning is the norm. It has all sorts of benefits, from opening up new career opportunities to expanding your dating pool! But one thing has always struck me about people who learn languages. Many have been learning for a long time and have struggled to reach a level they are happy with. Many lack confidence when they have to speak. I put myself firmly in this camp. Nothing… Read more
After years of learning Spanish in my free time, I realised I was making some fundamental errors. I was always looking for a quick fix. I cycled between different online courses, books and apps. I’d throw myself into something new determined this time it would be different. But then, life would get in the way. I’d get frustrated with my lack of progress and give up. I knew this start and stop pattern was wrong, but I didn’t know how to break the cycle. Then it clicked. You don’t ever stop learning a language. You can’t bury yourself in one… Read more
EspanolEnglishFrancaiseDeutsch Ayuda golingo necesita que tu micrófono esté habilitado para poder escucharte decir tu parte de la conversación. Cuando use golingo por primera vez, su navegador le pedirá permiso para usar el micrófono.. Si su navegador no le muestra esta solicitud, o no selecciona "Permitir acceso", puede permitir el acceso siguiendo estas instrucciones. Móvil Safari iOS Abierto AjustesTocar Safari > CámaraDesplácese hacia abajo para MicrófonoConfirme que 'Preguntar' o 'Permitir' estén marcadosIr a golingo y actualizar Android/Chrome Abrir cromoA la derecha de la barra de direcciones, abra el menú Más (3 puntos)Toque Configuración y luego Configuración del sitioPresiona Micrófono para permitirSi… Read more