Everyone loves golingo but some folks are surprised it's free. We field a lot of questions like: How can it be free?Who pays to develop and run it?Is it some sort of scam?Does Golingo make money from your data? golingo is free to use. It's funded by the founders - Chris, Jon, Sarah & Tim. We can continue to do this for the foreseeable future. golingo's main cost is improving the application. The continuing operational costs are relatively low so we can operate it for a long time without help. golingo isn't a scam - we won't ask you for… Read more
We had a problem. We had an idea. This is the start of the solution! It’s almost time to find out what you think! Here at golingo we can’t wait to share with you the first release of our language learning platform. In preparation for next week, here is an idea of what to expect. This launch will give you a feel of the content we will be releasing over the next few months. You’ll have access to beginner-level conversations in French, German and Spanish. You’ll be able to access these by navigating to different locations on a map. But,… Read more
You’re in Paris. It’s autumn. You’re sat on the Champs Elysees in a cosmopolitan café. You’re feeling fabulous. You have your sunglasses on. You’re enjoying the bustle of the city and the day has only just begun. The picture of Paris you imagined when you booked your holiday is happening and it’s great. Until.... The waiter comes over and it’s time to order. You search your brain in panic for the GCSE French you learned at school but the only information you can find is, "Je m’appelle Sarah" ! The waiter speaks at 100 miles an hour. You regret not… Read more