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golingo: the speaking app helping to get Wales speaking Welsh!

There’s an exciting movement to get 1 million people speaking Welsh by 2050. With the recent announcement to reflect this target in law, there was a flurry of interest in golingo in Welsh media. S4C, the Welsh language TV channel, ran an article highlighting how golingo can boost speaking confidence for Welsh learners. It featured an interview with me in Welsh! Read it here.

A few days later, Walesonline, one of Wales’ foremost online news channels reported how golingo allows you to practise useful Welsh phrases for communicating in the real world. Aptly titled “Virtual pubs and restaurants helping people learn to speak Welsh”, the article featured a video showing how the app teaches learners to order a pint in the pub! Read all about it here.

Our Welsh app is different from others on the market because it’s focus is totally on speaking, based around realistic simulated conversations which take place in our virtual town. Users visit various locations having conversations with characters they meet along the way – so there’s a market, train station, hotel and so on. It’s particularly useful for Welsh learners who might not live in a predominantly Welsh-speaking area and therefore don’t have much opportunity to practise speaking it in the real world.

We’re humbled by the interest and support we’ve received from learners, tutors and institutions across Wales. Based on the excitement, there’s clearly a demand for a speaking app like golingo for Welsh. Our positive conversations with the National Centre for Learning Welsh have opened up our network and, on the back on this, we’re excited to say we will be expanding and improving our offer for Welsh learners very soon. Watch this space!

Welsh Lead