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How can golingo be free?

Everyone loves golingo but some folks are surprised it’s free. We field a lot of questions like:

  • How can it be free?
  • Who pays to develop and run it?
  • Is it some sort of scam?
  • Does Golingo make money from your data?

golingo is free to use. It’s funded by the founders – Chris, Jon, Sarah & Tim. We can continue to do this for the foreseeable future.

golingo‘s main cost is improving the application. The continuing operational costs are relatively low so we can operate it for a long time without help.

golingo isn’t a scam – we won’t ask you for money and if you see a request like that, it will not be from us.

golingo doesn’t sell your data. In fact, golingo doesn’t even collect any valuable data. We only use your data to identify you (e.g., log you into the app) or make the conversations realistic; your name is used in conversations like checking into the hotel, and your nickname is used in conversations you might have with a friend.

(The full Privacy Policy is here.)

So why are we doing it?

We are investing in golingo because we believe that the tech is there to change learning forever and for the better.

In a few months we’ve already created something unique that demonstrates this. Nowhere else can you find our learning method, learning journey, artificial intelligence, infrastructure. And we’re building immersive education technology right now that will be a revolution in educational experience for everyone, everywhere.

Loads of folks share our vision. We’re picking up friends and helpers all over the world. If you want to help, please do contact us.

Obviously we are continually creating new technology and intellectual property which will be valuable to other organisations or sectors – opportunities which may require exploring to support the ongoing growth of golingo.

If anything changes you’ll hear it from us via this blog and our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

Thank you friends.

Chris, Jon, Sarah & Tim.