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How golingo uses AI to help you learn

You may have heard a lot about Artificial Intelligence recently. A lot of media coverage followed the public beta of ChatGPT, while every large IT company rushed to unveil their latest technology or use case for AI.

golingo is all about speaking – learning through conversation. We’re really excited to be sharing how we’re using AI to make conversations more realistic and useful to you.

golingo uses AI in two ways.

Scaffolded” conversations will give you an objective, e.g., buying train tickets requires a number of tickets, destination, type of ticket and financial transaction.

Open” conversations will give you a topic starting point, e.g., talk about Paris, discuss your favourite movie.

They both work the same way, just like a real world conversation; you use the words you think are most suited – golingo responds appropriately.

golingo‘s learning journey will make sure that you have the necessary language skills before getting to the AI conversations.

Scaffolded AI conversations start around level 10.

Open AI conversations generally require more advanced language skills as you’ll be expressing a preference, talking about things you have seen or done, or perhaps disagreeing with another’s opinion.

For this reason, Open AI conversations start at level 20.

We’ll review these starting points following beta tester feedback.

Beta testing is showing these new AI conversations are a significant development for intermediate language learners, who can practise their skills in a totally safe environment, where mistakes are positive learning opportunities.

We believe AI offers ultimate, infinite extensibility; your own personal learning journey that grows with you, reflects your personality, interests, values and aspirations.

We expect to be following this blog post with other related ones very soon.

If you’d like to be a beta tester, please contact us here.