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Language learning in the metaverse – golingo goes immersive

One of the really special things about golingo is that every conversation has a context, just like real life.

You learn best this way. And you learn things that you can use every day.

Our apps (iOS, Android and web browser) are great for learning and we wanted to make them even more realistic and more useful every day.

We’ve been building an immersive, 3D world, built using world class gaming tech. It’s like a safe simulation for you to practice in.

We modelled it on one of our favourite places and one of the prettiest village in the Haute Savoie, the village of Samoens.

golingo’s immersive village for language learning

One of the things we love about it is the architecture – these are really pretty buildings to be creating for the golingo village.

Here are some photos we took and then the video of the town for you to compare.

The Samoens town layout works well because cars don’t dominate – it’s ideal for walking around, getting directions & meeting people.

The people you meet will be NPCs – “non player characters”, just like the ones you meet who speak to you in golingo on the apps. Interacting with them in the virtual town means they’ll definitely be more recognisable.

We’ve spent a lot of time making them look like they’re really speaking – if their lips move in the right way, it’s easier for you to understand them and you’ll learn faster. Like “phonemes” are something you hear, “visemes” are the equivalents you see.

Bringing it all together is technically challenging involving environment design, visemes, movement/navigation, streaming speech recognition, syllabus interfacing, lesson structure and real-time streaming the environment to your device.

At the moment we have a great demo available. More soon!