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Learning a language but frustrated you can’t speak it? Read on…

This is me, Chris, one of the co-founders here at golingo.

I’ve struggled for years to speak Spanish. I’ve tried all the apps, language school classes and audio books. I’ve supplemented learning with podcasts, TV shows, YouTube videos, magazines, novels and flashcards. I’ve accumulated a stack of textbooks filled with grammar exercises and explanations of the subjunctive.

I’ve also taken every opportunity to practice speaking, including finding exchange partners over Zoom and awkward meetings in coffee shops, talking to myself on my way to work, and generally practising with anyone I know that can speak Spanish.

All of this has been great. I would highly recommend that all learners use as many resources as possible. But I had one major frustration. I was motivated to learn so that I could have real-life Spanish conversations with new people. Perhaps I could work in Spain or Latin America. But all this seemed impossible. 

Despite getting to advanced level classes (C1) at a language school, I still struggled to speak. I lacked confidence, I couldn’t think fast enough to get the words out, and it was painful to speak for fear of getting something wrong. I felt something was missing from my learning. What’s more, my classmates felt the same. 

My teacher said I needed to practice speaking more…but how? And that’s where the idea for golingo came from; an app that empowers you to practice speaking on demand, wherever you are, any time of day. It’s an app that cleverly combines AI conversations with model answers showing you how to communicate authentically in real-life scenarios with fluent speakers.

So to all language learners out there, whatever your level, we’ve built golingo as your go-to speaking app to add to your language-learning toolkit. If you can relate to any part of this story, or have felt the hesitation or embarrassment of having to speak in a new language, golingo is designed to build your confidence and boost speaking fluency. After all, isn’t this what language learners have been missing all this time?