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Let’s get one million speaking Welsh!

If you’re a Welsh language learner you will have seen the news Duolingo are sunsetting their Welsh course. They will no longer maintain or edit the syllabus.

A group of volunteers wrote the course and maintained it from its launch in January 2016 until the volunteer programme ended in 2021. Creators / volunteers are so important – they look after things that are important to them. 

Since then, the National Centre for Learning Welsh took over the responsibility for developing and maintaining the syllabus when its partnership with Duolingo was announced.

Welsh on Duo became a huge success during lockdown engaging 2 million learners since its release. Welsh learners are some of the most engaged language learners on the app.

So why stop?

Niche languages are underserved by large language learning platforms so that’s why creators are the answer to supporting them. They care.

At golingo, our Welsh content has been scripted and edited by a passionate creator, Nia. We want you to come and help us make it better. Creators can make personalised content to support their own communities, aligning their content to the needs of their students or specific interests. Using conversations to boost speaking confidence and demystify pronunciation, we’re here to secure the Welsh government’s target of one million Welsh speakers by 2050!

Interested in becoming a creator? Send us an email to hello@golingo.co.uk.