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Pack FAQs

You will have seen that we’ve launched our learning booster Packs.

If you have the app installed you can find them here.

Here are some answers to the most common questions we’re asked.

What is a “Pack” ?

A “Pack” is a must have for anyone looking for Personalised learning or to fast-track their learning. It’s written by language experts from different fields and is designed to teach you the content relevant to the specific scenario you need.

Are they free?

Packs are charged at a very low one off cost for lifetime access.
Each Pack is priced appropriately and competitively.
If bought for one language, it’s available for use across other languages if it’s compatible.
Golingo still provides a massive, unrivalled learning journey for free alongside the Packs.

Why are they chargeable?

They’re chargeable so we can pay experts to build the very best content and use the latest technology like AI.

Will they be updated?

Yes. Any corrections or additions will be available immediately to pack purchasers including AI conversations or other new content.

Can they be refunded?

Not if you’ve started using the Pack. Otherwise you can follow the refund path in the appropriate app store.