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Things we wish we did sooner when learning a language

Learning a language takes time and commitment. But how do you fit this into a busy schedule? We really struggled with this. Then we realised there are small habits you can build to immerse yourself in your target language in short, effective bursts every day.

Here are some easy things you can do in your target language to take the stress out of learning. Job done!


1. Read a short news article with your morning coffee.

2. Read a page of your favourite book before bed.

3. More time? Watch a Netflix show with subtitles.


1. Watch a 5 minute YouTube video in your lunch break.

2. Pick a foreign language playlist to listen to while working.

3. More time? Listen to a podcast on your commute to work.


1. Write your shopping list in your target language.

2. Send texts to a friend learning the same language as you.

3. More time? Write a short paragraph about what you did today in a diary.

Speaking (Don’t forget this one!)

1. Do a 5 minute lesson on golingo.

2. Translate short conversations you’ve had that day out loud in your new language.

3. More time? Be brave and find a language exchange locally or online.

What works for you? Let us know!