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Web Application availability

As many of you will know golingo was originally a web application.

If you’re one of the few remaining users of the web application, thank you. Your help was critical in getting golingo off the launch pad.

Since golingo‘s mobile applications (iOS and Android) became available in May, they’ve become massively popular with nearly 500,000 downloads. This is a phenomenal success, far exceeding our forecast.

This success is partly because the mobile applications are responsive, accurate and get users fluent faster. Mobile applications have technical advantages over web applications using browsers like Chrome or Safari.

We want everyone to have that responsive, accurate and rewarding learning experience.

The way the web application is currently constructed, we can’t guarantee this.

For this reason, as of 1st September, we’re removing access to the web application.

The mobile applications will still be free and continuously improving (iOS and Android).

Our long term plan is to bring the web application back when it’s rewritten in new technology which delivers the same experience across mobile and web/browser applications.

For now, we’re asking you, our oldest and most dedicated users, to move to the mobile applications.

Just like the web application they’re free.

All your progress will be there waiting for you, along with loads of new lesson content and new locations.