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Why is golingo innovative?

Are you learning a language? Can you speak it? Or, like many, do you lack confidence speaking it? We shared the same problem. After years of learning languages – from books, apps, classes and podcasts – we hesitated every time we spoke from fear of getting it wrong.

Speaking confidence comes with practice, but how do you get this? Tutors are expensive and language exchanges lack structure. This inspired the question: “What if you could talk to an app to practice speaking?”

We scoured the internet. Most language apps focussed on vocabulary, listening and/or basic pronunciation. Nothing out there allowed you to practice free-flowing conversations. Golingo was born.

Golingo is an AI-powered speaking app offering language learners on-demand speaking practice. Users navigate around a virtual city where they are immersed in bite-size, simulated conversations with smart characters they meet along the way. Scenarios are based on real-life, using phrases spoken by native speakers.

In recognition of being shortlisted in the Most Innovative Tech category by Startups Magazine Hustle Awards 2024, we thought we’d lay out why Golingo is innovative. Here are four reasons.

1. Golingo has revolutionised the learning environment through cutting-edge technology to give users a truly unique speaking-immersive experience.

There was no existing blueprint: the platform had to be built from scratch. Golingo combined emerging technologies from different providers. The build was complex requiring the integration of new technologies wrapped into a single solution that could operate seamlessly across iOS and Android platforms.

2. Golingo harnesses AI in a unique way to competitors to turbo charge learning, not just use it for the sake of it.

Golingo AI is highly customised and never just off-the-shelf. Users are guided through scripted conversations written by experts. Carefully configured AI conversations are unlocked as and when users have accumulated the language skills and confidence to tackle them so they have every chance of success.

3. We’re the only language app we know whose technology supports community-generated content.

Communities of learners have embraced Golingo. In particular, we’re developing a reputation for supporting underserved languages.

We’ve developed a Creator Portal allowing language experts and enthusiasts around the world (“creators”) to upload their own lessons, specifically tailored to the needs of their communities. Creators can even configure their own AI conversations which we think is pretty unique.

Creators have launched North and South Welsh as well as Maltese. We have Irish on the horizon. You don’t see this variety of content on other apps.

4. Our technology has had significant benefits to users right across the world, especially those on low incomes or who lack access to education.

Golingo is fulfilling an insatiable demand for speaking practice. In its first six months, the app had almost 600,000 downloads clocking up 1.9 million lessons.

In many countries, speaking a second language, especially English, is a necessity and passport to better job opportunities. We support this. Our free offer is generous compared to our competitors, giving users access to hundreds of conversations without a subscription. We’re pleased to see most of our users are based in developing countries.