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Introducing Packs – your personalised learning journey

Golingo use has massively accelerated with hundreds of thousands of users around the world downloading and using the Android/iOS/web apps.

Every one of you has your own personality, interests, values and aspirations. You need your own learning journey.

Packs are how we’ll deliver this.

Our core learning journey is still the best way to learn a new language. It will get you to language competency and fluency. Other apps will not.

You can add Packs to your learning journey through your Learning Hub.

Simply go to Learning Hub and the app will guide you from there.

The first packs will be

  • English test preparation, including [test types]
  • French & German GCSE (UK) examination preparation

Some Packs will be free.

While Packs are in beta, they’re free.

When our beta testers are happy with the Packs, a small, one-off fee will be charged for you to add the Pack to your Learning Journey.

A charge is necessary because golingo has to pay experts to create/use content, or pay for the technology the Packs need, e.g., artificial intelligence services. 

Golingo and its core learning content will remain free.

To make sure Golingo has all the content you need, we’re building a community of Creators; experts in specific languages or subjects who are creating new, exciting content Packs for you to learn.

Your Learning Journey will be created by you; your interests, values and aspirations

Your future will be created by you.